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Walk, roll or stroll at Sunday Parkways!

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Sunday Parkways, managed in Part by Good Sport Promotion
 Good Sport Promotion will help with the City of Portland open our streets, connect our communities.For ten strong years, Good Sport Promotion has brought fun to Portland by specializing in organized events for non-profit organizations such as the Worst Day of the Year Ride for the Community Cycling Center and Reach the Beach for the American Lung Association. We are now proud to be the Volunteer Managers for the City of Portland's Sunday Parkways events.

Over the years we have worked with many admirable non-profit organizations, thousands of caring volunteers, thousands of participants and hundreds of business partners to put on the best events possible. This great support has allowed us to flourish as the company hosting many of the area's largest supported bicycle events, some of which have attendance over 3,000 people.

Sunday Parkways!Sunday Parkways are eight mile "temporary parks" along city streets connecting neighborhoods and residents. People come out in droves to walk, stroll, roll, drive wheelchairs, hula hoop, skateboard and generally enjoy a traffic-free, safe street. As a relaxed, non-competitive, free event featuring a variety of activities in several parks and along the routes, Sunday Parkways gives Portlanders a chance to get out and be active directly in their own neighborhoods.

Intersections are staffed by volunteers, allowing residents to get to and from their driveways, with larger intersections supervised by Portland Police Bureau staff.

Good Sport Promotion will be overseeing the event to ensure over 300 volunteers are trained and prepared for each event, keeping the route fun and safe. We are honored to be working with over a thousand people who will be giving of their time to support Sunday Parkways.

Be a part of this amazing, historic event! Have fun on course with your friends and family as a Sunday Parkways volunteer!. Make your intersection whatever you want it to be. Strum you guitar, wave flags, color with sidewal chalk, greet people and enjoy a wonderful day as a part of Suday Parkways.

To get involved, please see the volunteer page and sign up today!


Sunday Parkways! Fifty thousand plus Portland area residents and 1,200 volunteers participated in last year's three Sunday Parkways. Modeled after Bogota, Colombia's Ciclovias held every Sunday on 70 miles of streets, Sunday Parkways generated support from all across Portland's diverse neighbors and businesses. After the success of the first year in Portland with one event, Sunday Parkways has grown every year and this year the City of Portland is hoping to host five events.

For more information about Sunday Parkways, including the 2010 schedule, see or call 503-823-7599.

Sunday Parkways!Sunday Parkways!Sunday Parkways!
More photos on the Sunday Parkways Flickr Group

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